30 May 2020

Hello Year 4,

I hope everyone is still well and making the most of the sunshine. We have been very lucky to have such glorious weather. 

As the lockdown has continued I have taken up running. Meaning I can run the whole of the daily mile track now. I have enjoyed cooking new recipes and teaching my children how to cook too. I can't wait to see you all and hear what you have been up to over these past months.

As we approach the final half term of Year 4, our final topic would have been Rainforests. I would like you to research as much about them as you can. This would have also linked in with our Science topic, animals and their habitats.

Don't forget you can still access the daily numeracy and literacy activities which are on the home learning page.

We have learnt all the spellings for Year 4 bow just keep practicing the common exception words and your times tables (these will help you in Year 5)

Remember to stay safe. I hope you are now able to see some of your friends and family again (even if it is at a distance.)

I hope to see you soon

Mrs Miller

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Summer 2 Spellings

30 May 2020

We have learnt all the spellings for Year 4 now. Look over the 100 common exception words for LKS2 and practice the ones you find hard to remember.

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Times Tables

18 Apr 2020

The multiplication check which was set for June has now been cancelled. However knowing your times tables is still very important. Keep practising and use the links below for games.

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In English this half term we will be looking at playscripts and narratives through the picture book The Lost Happy Endings.

In spring 1 we looked at knights along with the legends of King Artur, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight and Lochinvar. Below are some of the writing we did on knights.

Please watch the video of three of our knights saving the princess. Directed by Mr Woolford.

Topic Enrichment

Every half term, the children will be given topic enrichment activities to complete adjacent to their weekly English and Maths homework. There are a range of activities for the children to complete. You can do them in any order but you need to do at least one per fortnight. Once handed in the children may get to share their ideas with the class. Remember Year 4's Topic Enrichment is due in on the Wednesday when they are taught by Mr Ainscoe.

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