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Our Garden

Our Beautiful Garden

There are limitless opportunities for play in any outdoor area, our sensory garden takes this further. Structured play can often be more beneficial than a run around. Games such as “I spy”, scavenger hunts, and hide and seek are brilliant to encourage low pressure positive interactions.


Outdoor learning is an essential part of all children’s education at Old Hall. Getting out of the classroom provides endless opportunities for academic learning and personal development. This page will outline key possibilities provided by  our sensory garden for learning opportunities. Whether that be academic, emotional or skills based.


Our Beautiful garden is not just a nice place to be (although it truly is a lovely place to be)! It has been designed to stimulate our children’s senses. Windmills, chimes, mirrors, spinners. These resources are made in Design Tech by our pupils. We always aspire to create alerting, interacting, calming and reflecting zones that are continually evolving through the seasons.

The Gardening Club that runs throughout the year is open to all KS2 children and is a popular extracurricular activity. The children learn first hand how the garden changes with each season and what jobs need to be done in the garden and when. From weeding and planting bulbs in the Autumn to sowing and planting seeds in the Spring, ready for harvest in the Summer. All the children are actively involved and enjoy selling the fruits (literally!) of their labours in the Summertime that in turn raises much needed money that goes straight back into the garden. Projects for this year include further developing a seating area complete with fire pit for all the children to enjoy!