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May 31, 2020

In our topic this term, we would have been looking at Volcanoes in Geography. We would have looked at what a volcano is and where they are in the world. We would also have looked at what happens when a volcano erupts and the features of a volcano. In addition, we would also have explored tectonic plates, the "ring of fire" and what it is like to live in a volcanic area.  As we are still not able to be altogether at the moment, I have listed some websites that might help you learn more about volcanoes and help you complete some of the Topic Enrichment activities that I have set. Once again, it will be lovely to share all the things that you are able to do when we return to school or feel free to put them on class dojo for me to see... I love seeing what you are up to!

Thank you once again for all your support . 

Summer 2

May 31, 2020

 Hi again everyone! I hope you and your families are all well and happy and able to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine that we are having at the moment.   I have been in school a bit over that last few weeks... teaching the key worker children, keeping the school garden looking nice and looking after our bees. It is really strange though without you all there and I can't wait for us all to be back together again like we were before lockdown. Hopefully that day is not too far off now (fingers crossed!). Once again,  there are some things on the website for you to try if you can and it will be great to share these together when we get back or on class dojo. In the  meantime, keep safe and keep happy!

Love, Mrs Hornsby x

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    Sum 2 Spellings

Here is a list of the spellings for the 2nd half of the Summer term. Please click on the button to download a copy for your child. 

Week beginning 1st June

Week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Week beginning 29th June

Week beginning 6th July

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Stone Age

The children have absolutely loved our topic on the Stone Age and have really bowled me over with their enthusiasm! They have produced some wonderful work, both at school and at home and they have enjoyed sharing what they have researched or made with the rest of the class throughout the topic. 

Christmas Party

The children had a great time at our Christmas party this year. They played lots of games and enjoyed dancing, before tucking into party food and taking selfies!

Making magnetic games

The children loved investigating the power of magnets and different forces in Science. They worked in pairs to design and make their own magnetic games and thought of rules needed to play these. They proudly demonstarted their games to the class before taking turns to play each others and report back. 

Chinese New Year 2020 

Year 3 celebrated Chinese New Year by making "rat" book marks and origami dragons. The children also snacked on prawn crackers and created their own fortune cookies, which they enjoyed sharing with each other. Sadie brought in a book called "Chopsticks" which she read to the class at the end of the day. 




The children have loved our Bootcamp sessions in PE this half term and have been really motivated to set personal goals and  try and  improve these as the weeks progressed.  More than anything though, the sessions were really fun to do!

Investigating plants

As part of our Science topic on "Plants" the children investigated all the parts that made up plants and looked at why they were important. This included the roots of the plant and in order to see them, we planted bean seeds in clear containers, using damp cotton wool instead of soil. The children were able see how the roots developed over the weeks and record the changes that they observed. 



Active Maths

The children really enjoy our daily Maths lessons, especially if they start with an investigation that they can all become actively involved in! They work in pairs or groups and often have to move about the classroom, collecting information and using their skills to work out solutions. Of course, there is often the incentive of racing against the clock to see how quickly they can work it out!  

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