Special Educational Needs

What are special educational needs?


Children learn at different rates and show a great variety in the ways in which they learn best. Teachers take this into account when they organise their lessons. This is known as differentiating the curriculum. However, some children still find it much harder to learn than others of the same age and may need extra help. This may be because they have difficulties with:

• Reading, writing, number work or understanding information
• Expressing themselves or understanding what is being said to them
• Organising themselves
• Understanding and following rules and routines
• Making friends or relating to adults
• A medical condition
• A sensory need such as a difficulty with seeing or hearing

These children are said to have Special Educational Needs. (This does not include children who are having trouble keeping up because their first language is not English).


The aim of this section of the website is to provide you with a link to sources of more information and help with these areas. If you have any questions at all then please speak to Mr Cooley as your first port of call.

Mr Cooley

SEN Coordinator


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