At Old Hall Primary we use the Read Write inc scheme. We have used this for many years now and have found it effective in helping our children recognise their sounds, use these in their reading and writing, understand the language of digraphs, trigraphs and graphemes. In Reception the children make accelerated progress through their set one and two sounds and are able to use these in their independent activities. In Year 1 the children start to learn set three sounds and the alternative spellings of words. In the Summer term the Year 1 children have to complete a phonics screening test and we are pleased that a lot of our pupils feel confident and relaxed whilst doing this. In Year 2 the phonics programme continues for small groups of children who may need to revisit some of their sounds and spelling patterns. The class as a whole continue to learn all the alternative spelling patterns and more complex reading and writing methods. 

Please find, left, a printable and downloadable document regarding Phonic games to play at home with your child(ren). This aims to help families teach and influence more phonic learning at home, through the medium of fun and educational games. 

On the left you will find some helpful hints to help your children read at home.