At our school, children are taught a foreign language to help provide a valuable educational, social and cultural experience.

The Programme of Study has been compiled based on recommendations from CILT (The National Centre for Languages) and draws from various sources.

The emphasis in the first year of learning French at Primary level is very much on developing listening skills, closely followed by speaking skills; this is why there is a clear focus on storytelling, finger rhymes and singing traditional songs.

Pupils at Old Hall develop literacy and communication skills that will aid future language learning. Learning a foreign language also provides cross-curricular links in conjunction with other subjects. 

Subject Overview and Policy

Please have a look at the curriculum statement, overview or subject policy to see how French will be taught at Old Hall in Key Stage 2. 

French at Old Hall! 

In Year 6, we have been learning and practising the vocabulary for ice cream flavours. Have a listen to Connie and Neve's conversation as a waitress and a customer ordering an ice cream. Super français, filles! 

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