Meet our Staff

Mrs D. Ainscoe - Headteacher

Mrs L. Brennan - School Administrator

Mrs J. Scarth - School Administrator

Mr M Sharman - Year 6 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher/Co-ordinator for Literacy and Music
Mr A. Chase - Year 5 Teacher/Assessment Maths and Computing Co-ordinator 
Mrs D. Miller - Year 4 Teacher/P.E. Co-ordinator/Science Co-ordinator

Mrs C. Hornsby - Year 3 Teacher/ Art, DT and Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator
Mr R. Cooley - Year 2 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Miss J. Rea - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs T. Hesketh - Reception Teacher/Outdoor Provision Co-ordinator/Phonics Leader

Mrs J. Owen - Key Stage 1 PPA Teacher

Mr M. Ainscoe -KS2 PPA Teacher For Core Subjects/Science

Mrs H. Dunn - KS1/KS2 PPA Teacher/PE/RE/French 

Mrs M. Maguire - Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) & Special Educational Needs (SEND) Co-Ordinator & Child-Mentor


Miss N. Cooper - Year R Teaching Assistant
Mrs V. Nicklin - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Guy - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Lindley - Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Mahony - Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mr S. Woolford - Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Gehlhaar - Special Support Assistant 

Miss E. Power - Special Support Assistant
Mr D. Hargreaves - Special Support Assistant
Mrs D. Jones - Special Support Assistant

Miss A. Rowe - Special Support Assistant

Mrs J. Nuttall - Special Support Assistant

Mrs K. McCarthy - Special Support Assistant

Mr P. Pawlowski - Special Support Assistant 

Mr T. Bryden - Site Manager

Mrs M. Mahon - School Cook
Miss K. Fairbank - Assistant Cook

Mrs D. Fairhurst - Kitchen Staff

Mrs K. McCarthy - Midday Supervisor

Mrs C. Barlow - Midday Supervisor
Mrs M. Crawshaw -
Midday Supervisor

Mrs A. Duckworth - Midday Supervisor

Mrs M. Smith - Midday Supervisor