Pupil Voice Groups

At Old Hall Primary, we have 'Pupil Voice Groups' the purpose of which is to increase the influence of pupils in the provision of their own education, by ensuring that their views are included when schools make key decisions.


This reflects a culture in which everyone is valued and everyone is learning – pupils and adults learn everyday. The fundamental principle of Pupil Voice at Old Hall is that all pupils of school age, regardless of age or ability will learn more effectively if their views, expressed by whatever means appropriate, are taken into consideration in planning and delivering their learning programme.


Every pupil needs to be happy and comfortable with their learning environment and curriculum in order to enjoy success. The young person’s perception of their life in school, their learning environment and their interactions with others will be unique to them and may well be very different to those of the adult observer. As adults, we must guard against making assumptions about what children or young people think. We must give them the principal voice in describing their learning world as they see it and let that voice inform provisions. 

Our Pupil Voice Groups are: School Council, eCadets, Health & Safety and Eco Warriors.

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