Below you can find the curriculum overviews for maths for each year group. These show the different objectives for maths.

In addition to following our Maths Curriculum we also use a  system called Assertive Mentoring, which supports our teaching and learning in Maths. This enables staff to constantly review learning and always support children to meet their personal targets and make progress. 

Please click the button below to view our Mathematics Curriculum Statement.


Further, below are some prompt sheets to aid you in supporting your child's mathematics. Please click on the links to view them. 

Curriculum Overview

Please remember all of our curriculum is currently  under review in accordance with Curriculum (2014). Click on the link to see the overview.  

These are generic prompts for general mathematics
These are prompts created with a specific test level or 'stage' in mind. 

Maths Help

Try the weekly problem from Nrich or just browse some of the other sites recommended to encourage your child to have fun with Maths.

Nrich daily and weekly problems.

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