English at Old Hall

Old Hall School successfully aims for our children to become highly skilled and confident SPEAKERS, READERS and WRITERS!

We work hard to welcome our children to LOVE all aspects of our English Curriculum.

We want their aspirations to know no bounds as they become the authors, journalists & entrepreneurs of the future; but also to understand that their skills in English will enable them success in whichever path they choose.

We know that English is essential for the educational and social progress of all of our pupils, as it allows them to make sense of the ever changing world around them.

At Old Hall, we value reading & writing as key life skills, therefore, high priority is given to the teaching of this subject.

We are dedicated to enabling all of our pupils to become confident, lifelong readers and writers.

Careful selection of texts throughout school enables our pupils to develop a rich and varied understanding of language, with opportunities to transfer this understanding to other areas of the curriculum and to prepare them for their future journey, in education and beyond.

Our English Curriculum Statement 

Our English & Literacy Policy

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