Eco Warriors

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September 14, 2019


September 14, 2019

Welcome to Old Hall's Eco Warrior page. This page will tell you all about our team and some of the ideas we have. As an eco warrior, we hold meetings, make suggestions and decisions, as well as being involved in projects that the team runs, both in school and as part of the wider community. 

This year so far, we will...

Elect new members for our team- 2 children from each year group.

Complete an enviromental review of our school.

Create an action plan.

Set up a suggestion box.

Create a notice board in school for others to see what we do. 

Aims for the future...

To reduce the amount of paper in school and encourage people to recycle.

To encourage children to use re-usable water bottles. 

To collect and recycle plastic whiteboard pens and felt-tips.

To collect and recycle batteries. 

To collect and recycle crisp packets

We have an overview of what we hope to cover this year...

Used Pen Recycling Collection

July 17, 2019

Last year's Eco team encouraged the school to collect their used pens and whiteboard pens saving them from going to landfill through the TerraCycle recycling programme.

National Spring Clean-Up

September 14, 2019

Last year's Eco Warriors took part in the National Spring Clean-Up, where we went out in the local community to collect all the rubbish we could find. We surveyed our findings and then sent off our information to help inform the national survey being held.   

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