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Hello and welcome to our Health & Wellbeing page.

Here you find important information about how we at Old Hall nurture our children in a holistic, person-centred approach.

At Old Hall we strive to motivate and inspire every child that we work with, break through the barriers of expectations and harness all opportunities to create a climate of success and achievement for all.

We are proud to employ a SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental-Health) Specialist, Mrs. M. Maguire and also our SENCO, Mr. R. Cooley at Old Hall who work together to ensure that all of our children make positive progress. They bring a wealth of innovative and outstanding ideas to engage all pupils.

Mrs. M. Maguire and Mr. R. Cooley have a policy to be approachable and consistent; they give and earn respect from our pupils, staff, parents and carers. They work alongside many local and national agencies to give our children the best possible provision available. 

If you should ever wish to discuss your child's Health and Wellbeing then do please get in touch via the school office.

Mrs. M. Maguire & Mr. R. Cooley


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